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Learning About Music and String Instruments

Hi there, my name is Marcia. I play music with my friends and church group whenever I can. I play string instruments, such as the violin, cello and bass. I will use this site to talk about different instrument types and playing techniques. I will talk about reading music and creating your own pieces. I will also share information about the way I care for my instruments between play sessions. Please visit my site often to learn more about music and string instruments. Thanks for coming by. I hope to see you again soon.

The Definitive Moments In Michael Jackson's Career

Michael Jackson was a man of mystery, one who didn't try to live his life according to the expectations of others. A lot of unsubstantiated rumors floated around Michael Jackson since he was a little boy in the Jackson 5, and they continue to swirl several years after his untimely death. Michael didn't focus on that negativity, though, and here we take a look at the positive. These incredible moments helped define Michael Jackson's career and helped him achieve superstar status that will never go away. They made him the King of Pop.

The "Thriller" Music Video

Michael Jackson changed music videos from something relatively small that musicians put together to promote their song of the moment to major entertainment events. Directed by movie director John Landis, it was narrated by none other than horror icon Vincent Price. It ran 14 minutes long and was in the horror genre. With "Thriller," Michael Jackson created the "big budget" music video, and it received three MTV Music Video Awards. It was a major career victory.

Jackson's Moonwalk

Dancing is a talent that pop stars like Britney Spears and Madonna have used to their advantage. However, even among icons, few used dancing as effectively as Michael Jackson as part of his entertainment. Many of his videos feature his wonderful dance moves, and the most famous of his dance moves is the Moonwalk. It created a sensation at the time and  is still a part of pop culture history. He first debuted the dance move in 1983 on the television special called Motown 25-Yesterday,Today, Forever, but his performance of the Moonwalk in the "Billie Jean" music video is what many people associate with the dance.

The "Black or White" Music Video

Michael Jackson's "Black or White" music video is another time that the superstar truly shined. Featuring an opening sequence that starred child star Macaulay Culkin and George Wendt, the music video was special event television when it made its prime-time debut, and it was a strong moment for Michael who was taking a strong stance against racism and prejudice.

Finally, keep in mind that these moments are ones that fans can always cherish. For the dedicated fan who wants to read more, the King of Pop has been covered in-depth in the Michael Jackson American Master book. It helps fans understand even more about the life and career of this American entertainment icon.