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Learning About Music and String Instruments

Hi there, my name is Marcia. I play music with my friends and church group whenever I can. I play string instruments, such as the violin, cello and bass. I will use this site to talk about different instrument types and playing techniques. I will talk about reading music and creating your own pieces. I will also share information about the way I care for my instruments between play sessions. Please visit my site often to learn more about music and string instruments. Thanks for coming by. I hope to see you again soon.

Guitar Gold: Turning Lessons Into Cash

Learning how to play the guitar is a fun, fulfilling experience that can challenge you and teach you new things about yourself. But getting guitar lessons can go a step beyond being something enjoyable to learn. As early as your first few chords are learned, you may be able to start making some money with what you've picked up during your lessons. Here are two ways to make money off of your early guitar education that you might want to consider.  

Street Performances

This sort of thing is great for beginners. If all you know are a few simple songs, you can set up in a park, on the sidewalk at a busy intersection, or even in front of your favorite cafe (with their permission, of course) and regale the passersby. You could strum a couple of chords and make up songs to harmonize. Make donations from the publish easy by using large containers for people to throw money into. This could be a large serving bowl, a (new and clean) colorful garbage bin, or even a wide wicker basket. Using your guitar case is technically an option, but you run the risk of messing up the interior of the case by using it this way. Keep in mind that it will be wide open and outdoors so birds could poop in it, people could throw heavy coinage (like dollar coins) that could scuff the upholstery, and it could rain and get the inside of your case wet. 

Kids' Parties

Put an ad online or in the newspaper, or just put flyers up around town to let everyone know that you're available for kids' parties. A guitarist could bring a lot of fun and activity to children by playing simple, favorite songs that they may have learned at home or school ("Farmer in the Dell", "Frère Jacques," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Miss Mary Mack," etc.).

One activity you could facilitate with your guitar involves you choosing a few notes (A, D, and G, for example) and assigning particular actions to them (hands on your head, stand on one foot, sit down, etc.). As you play each note, the children have to follow along with their actions. Play faster and faster until they can't keep up and dissolve into laughter. This is a great, low-competition activity that teaches them a little about music while getting them up out of their seats and holding their attention. 

Of course, as your skills and reputation grow, you'll be able to graduate to playing at clubs, subbing for band members, assisting in music production, and even playing at weddings. But for now, these two methods can help you hone your skills while you put a little extra money in your pocket! If you're looking for guitar lessons, visit Pimentel & Sons Guitars.