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Learning About Music and String Instruments

Hi there, my name is Marcia. I play music with my friends and church group whenever I can. I play string instruments, such as the violin, cello and bass. I will use this site to talk about different instrument types and playing techniques. I will talk about reading music and creating your own pieces. I will also share information about the way I care for my instruments between play sessions. Please visit my site often to learn more about music and string instruments. Thanks for coming by. I hope to see you again soon.

Adding Some Style To Your Serum Installation With Custom Skins

There are some things you use every day, sometimes all day, and in the music industry, Serum is a synthesizer program that is used by sound engineers a lot. The program allows sound engineers to make changes to audio files and edit the final sound of the track to fit your needs.

What Are Serum Skins?

Skins for your Serum software are designs that are created with images and fonts to allow the appearance of the software to change. The function of the synthesizer remains the same, but instead of looking at the same flat software window for hours are a time, skins make it possible for the sound engineer or Serum-user to change the look and feel of the software whenever they want to. 

Where Can I Get Skins for Serum?

Serum is a popular software program, and because of this, when the functionality to add skins was added to the software, people started making skins for it themselves. There are also a lot of websites that offer skin downloads for your software, and many of them also include in-depth tutorials on how the new skin should be added to the file system for it to work properly. Some of those skins are free, but some sites ask you to share their site on social media or to register an account on the site before you can start downloading skins for your software, and others you have to pay for.

Can I Make My Own Skin?

The way the Serum skins are made makes it pretty easy for anyone with a graphics editing program to take the base or default skin and edit it to make one of their own. If you want to make a skin with your logo or slogan on it, your specific colors, and maybe a website or social media address on it, it is entirely possible to do. And because of the nature of the add-on, you can make that skin available to people that follow your website or content channel. 

As a tool for marketing, a free skin for your viewers or followers could be a great way to remind them to come back for more content and visit your website regularly. The installation process is easy—a new skin can be added to Serum with a few mouse clicks—so whether you are making a skin for yourself, downloading one from somewhere online, or giving one out to your fans, the fun and flexibility of a Serum skin can make using the software that much better, day in and day out.

For more information on skins for your Serum software, contact a company like Delicate Beats.