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Learning About Music and String Instruments

Hi there, my name is Marcia. I play music with my friends and church group whenever I can. I play string instruments, such as the violin, cello and bass. I will use this site to talk about different instrument types and playing techniques. I will talk about reading music and creating your own pieces. I will also share information about the way I care for my instruments between play sessions. Please visit my site often to learn more about music and string instruments. Thanks for coming by. I hope to see you again soon.

Three Types Of Bass Guitars To Consider Buying

When you first begin to play an instrument, you might initially borrow one from a family member or friend. After you've decided that you'll pursue the instrument seriously, it's time to think about buying an instrument of your own. If you've recently started to play the bass guitar and are keen on purchasing your own, plan to visit your local musical instrument store. It almost certainly carries a wide selection of bass guitars that you can evaluate — both visually and by playing them. You'll also be able to talk to a sales representative to learn more about each make and model. Here are three types of bass guitars to think about buying.

Electric Bass

For many people, an electric bass is the most desirable variation of the bass guitar. As its name indicates, this is an instrument that you plug into an amplifier — which you'll also need to buy — to make the instrument sound louder. Electric bass guitars are prevalent in virtually every type of music. If you've already joined a band or plan to form one with some friends, an electric bass is a good choice because electric guitars won't drown out its sound. Electric basses often have solid wood bodies, which means that they don't have a sound hole.

Acoustic Bass

Another type of bass guitar that may interest you is an acoustic bass. This instrument shares some visual similarities with an acoustic guitar — it typically has a hollow body, which makes it thicker and lighter than its electric counterpart. Acoustic basses are ideal if you'll only be playing alongside of acoustic guitar players, as no one instrument will be significantly louder than another. Some acoustic basses are equipped with a pickup and a preamp, which allows you to plug them into an amplifier if you wish. Some people refer to these basses as "acoustic-electric" instruments.

Micro Bass

A micro bass is a short-scale acoustic bass that may also be of interest to you. This instrument generally looks like an acoustic bass, but one that is smaller than a conventional acoustic bass. Its major advantage is its compact size. If you live in an apartment and have limited space to store instruments, or if you're taking lessons and getting a full-sized bass into your compact car could be a challenge, a micro bass is worth considering. Its smaller size means that it won't be as loud as a standard acoustic bass, which can have both advantages and disadvantages.